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simple natural living on a budget
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How to Always Have a Clean House: Quick & Easy Cleaning Tips

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t enjoy cleaning. And I don’t think I’m alone here. Some women always have a clean house, but I wasn’t always one of them. But you can be one of those women who always has a clean house too with these simple tips.

How to Always Have a Clean House: My Favorite Quick Cleaning Tips

Quick Cleaning Tip #1 to Always Have a Clean House: Never Leave a Room Without Taking Something with You

Things get messy fast, especially with kids. So I make it a habit to fight back! Every time you leave a room, grab something that doesn’t belong and put it away.

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Getting off the couch to go get a snack? Grab that empty glass that’s been sitting on the end table and take it with you.

Running upstairs to grab some clean clothes for the baby? Pick up those stray toys and take them back up to her room with you. Since you’re headed there already.

Dirty clothes lying around? Next time you leave the room, pick them up and take them to the hamper.

If you start making a habit of picking up some trash, clutter, or whatever it is that doesn’t belong, it becomes second nature pretty quick. It’s harder for the mess to grow out of control if you stay on top of it.

Quick Cleaning Tip #2 to Always Have a Clean House: Keep Cleaning Products Handy

Keep a tote full of all your favorite cleaning supplies and some rags in convenient spots. Somewhere like the bathrooms and kitchen are good places.

I keep a tote under the sink in my kitchen so it’s always near by when I need to clean the kitchen. Or the first-floor bathroom. It’s right off the kitchen and it’s super small, so I don’t keep a separate tote in there.

I do keep another one in the bathroom upstairs. This helps with Quick Cleaning Tip #3. I hate lugging a bunch of stuff up the stairs every time I need to clean up there.

Find a spot or two that works for you. One on each floor works great. Or one at each end of the house if you have a long ranch house. It’s much easier to stay on top of cleaning when you’re prepared.

Quick Cleaning Tip #3 to Always Have a Clean House: Bathrooms

My mom told me this little secret to keep your bathroom clean: Wipe it down every morning when you’re getting ready for the day. And she’s a total clean-freak, so I take her advice. I think that trait skipped a generation because that certainly isn’t me!

Now, she told me to keep a roll of paper towels and a bottle of Clorox spray under the sink, but I have a better idea.

Instead of wasting paper like that, keep a few rags down there. And as for the Clorox, I prefer a more natural, safer alternative. Something like the all-purpose cleaning spray in 10 Super Simple DIY Green Cleaners or my Non-Toxic Homemade Disinfectant Spray with Essential Oils.

So spray a little cleaner and wipe down the counter/mirror and then do a quick wipe of the floor to pick up any hair or crumbs that fell.

Spray and wipe off the toilet and the floor around the toilet. Especially if there are little boys in the house (or maybe even big ones, lol) the floor around the toilet can get nasty quick, if you know what I mean.

Quick Cleaning Tip #4 to Always Have a Clean House: Wipe it Up as Soon as it Happens

This might sound like common sense, but it’s so easy to just not do it. It’s easier to just carry on and forget about those crumbs or little drips on the floor when you’re cooking.

Or to leave the bathroom without cleaning up hairs left when you brush or style your hair for the day. Or the little drops of pee your kid just left around the toilet.

Maybe you say you’ll clean up whatever it is that your kid just spilled everywhere later. Or those muddy paw prints your dog made all over the living room floor.

Resist that urge! Clean it up now! For lots of messes, the longer you leave it, the harder it is to clean.

Quick Cleaning Tip #5 to Always Have a Clean House: Face Lift Your House

You don’t always have to do a full-on cleaning to get your house looking good. Or at least presentable. When your house looks like it just got hit by a tornado, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and just not clean anything.

The solution? Give your house a face lift! It only takes 10-15 minutes.

Do it before you leave for work so you can come home to a clean house. Or before bed so you wake up to a clean house.

Do it when your mom calls and says she’s on her way over for a visit. There’s destruction all around you because the kids have been running around tearing up the house all morning.

Point is, you can do it whenever is convenient for you. And you can fit it in anywhere because it takes less than 15 minutes. Remember, it’s not a full cleaning. Just a quick tidying up. A quick sweep of the main areas of your house.

Spend just a few minutes:

1. Collecting the Clutter

Focus on only the most important areas. Do a quick sweep of the main areas you use most (living room, kitchen, family room etc.) for anything out of place:

  • put stray clothes in the hamper (No matter how many hampers or laundry baskets you put around the house, dirty clothes never seem to make it there. Am I right?)
  • collect dirty dishes – rinse and put them in the sink or dish washer
  • get all the trash to the trash cans
  • pick up any toys, books, kids’ stuff lying around
  • fold blankets and pick up pillows left lying around
  • collect any other clutter laying around

2. Putting it Away

It’s so much easier to do a quick face lift if you have some where convenient to quickly toss everything. Think baskets or totes of different sizes in strategic locations. Whatever works for your family’s kind of mess.

Having a spot nearby to toss things and conceal your clutter until you have time to really clean just makes it go faster. Think about what it is that’s cluttering your house and find a simple solution to hold that clutter.

Is it toys? Put some kind of a toy box in the offending area. One with a lid is nice so you don’t have to look at toys. Especially if it’s in your main living room.

Maybe you’re constantly picking up dirty clothes. Stick a laundry basket or hamper some where near by, like the hallway or a first floor bathroom for example. And hopefully the rest of your family will use it! If not, at least you have a spot close by to toss those dirty socks.

Is it papers or mail? Stick a pretty mail sorter or basket on your counter to coral that mess until you have time to handle it properly.

Maybe it’s just trash. Tuck a cute little trash can in the rooms that seem to collect the most trash. Trash is way more likely to end up in the can if it’s convenient.

Baskets and totes to hide away your clutter are great, as long as you don’t let your baskets get out of control. Think the junk drawer we all had in our homes as kids. We don’t want that. You have to periodically de-clutter these too. But that’s a topic for another day!

3. Doing a Quick Surface Clean

I’m not talking about full-on cleaning. Just wipe off any crumbs or spills. Sweep up the crumbs and pet hair. With pets and a toddler there’s crumbs, hair, and spills constantly at my house!

  • wipe off any counters, tabletops, etc that need it with a simple non-toxic cleaner
  • wipe off any dirty hand prints left on the walls or windows
  • quick clean the floors – grab the broom and/or vacuum and make a quick pass over the floors if they really need it bad

Wiping up any obvious messes like this keeps your house looking clean, even if it isn’t! Plus the longer you wait before cleaning up little messes, the harder they become to clean.

4. You’re Done! Now You’ll Always Have a Clean House!

Now I know it sounds like common sense to at least straighten up your house everyday, but housework can get away from you. If you give your house a face lift every day (maybe twice!), you won’t get so overwhelmed with mountains of clutter everywhere that you don’t clean anything at all.

I took my friend’s advice and started giving my house a face lift at least once a day. And it made a huge difference in my housekeeping game! Now that I have a system in place and a designated spot to toss all of our clutter, it’s so much easier to keep my house looking good.

Even if it’s the only thing you get done today, you will feel accomplished and your house will look presentable. It’s a quick cleaning tip that’s fast and simple! So go give your house a quick face lift. Maybe it will even inspire you to keep cleaning!

Quick Cleaning Tip #6 to Always Have a Clean House: Rinse Dishes Right Away

My mom always said “rinse your plate” after dinner. As a kid, it was annoying. But now as an adult, I see why.

Hand washing dishes can take forever if you have to soak and scrub every nasty little dried on thing. Rinse them off when you finish eating. It’s much easier to rinse food off before it gets all dry and crusty.

I know it’s tempting to just toss the dirty dinner dishes in the sink and forget about them. But you’re only making your job harder if you do. Cut your dish washing time in half with this tip!

Quick Cleaning Tip #7 to Always Have a Clean House: Do At Least One Load of Laundry Every Day

Everyone hates laundry day. Mountains of dirty clothes everywhere. Like so many, you wonder how you even own that many clothes. Hours of washing and folding, washing and folding, washing and folding. Then you have to put it all away!

But it doesn’t have to be like that! There’s a simple solution: Do a load of laundry every day. I know laundry isn’t fun, but doing only one load isn’t so bad.

Doing at least one load of laundry every day is enough to keep most families on top of the laundry situation. Unless of course you have a large family. Then you might have to do two loads to keep up!

Final Thoughts on How to Always Have a Clean House

You don’t have to spend all day cleaning to keep your house looking good. Spend a few minutes here and there doing a little mini-cleaning is all you need.

Be prepared. Have all your cleaning supplies together and handy so you can actually use them. And clean as you go, through out the day.

I’m not saying you will never have to do a deep clean again, but these tips will at least keep your house looking pretty darn good!

If you keep on top of things, it’s impossible for the mess to grow out of control. Using these 7 tips will help you do just that!

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